MANA, Manufacturer & Agents

We are excited to join another elite networking group, MANA! This will help our clients have more access to our products and services through a variety of different Distributors and Agents in the United States.

Who is MANA? They are an association that links Manufacturers and Sales Reps to make a successful network. Since 1947, MANA has become known as the Association for all Agents and Manufacturers. This is where both Agents and Manufacturers can benefit from their connections by delivering to their clients in local areas.

This will give us a better opportunity for potential clients to learn more about our products in areas where we still don’t represent. We look forward to meeting new Agents and Distributors through MANA’s platform.

AHTD, Association for High Technology Distribution

AHTD is another networking group who we have been members of since 2018. AHTD has opened many doors for us to connect with great engineers and distributors in the United States.

TELE being a European Manufacturer, AHTD helped us make great connections with our current partners, PCC and extended our network within the Automation industry. Our doors are always open for opportunity and excited to share our technology with engineers who are willing to take their applications to the next level.

We are excited to connect with both Associations and look forward to meeting potential Agents and Distributors through both of these great platforms.

TELE’s Partner Program

If you are a Sales Agent or Distributor in the U.S. and represent an area, we currently do not have a presence in, let us know. We are always open to discussing new partnershipss or working with Sales Reps.

Be sure to check out our current partners in the United States and what some of the benefits are when partnering up with TELE!