How being there for our clients helps us succeed!

Brian Richardson, a farmer and loyal client of ours located in Northern Ireland, reached out to us needing assistance with wiring our Multi-Functional Timing Relay, E1ZM10. We immediately addressed his concern and as it turns out, it was a rather simple solution.

We asked Mr. Richardson to share with us where our E1ZM10 timer was being utilized and in what ways did it help with his application. We were happy to hear that the timer was being used in a Cow Feed Mill to leverage a built in paddle switch. He let us know that before utilizing our Timer, he would run into many issues with the feed motor turning on too often due to the feed bins emptying out too quick and resulted in the feed motor to turn on for long periods of time.

So, what task does our Time Delay Relay do for the Cow Feed Mill?

Our Time Delay Relay helps protect and more efficiently run the feed motor by making sure that the motor isn’t switched on too often due to the feed bins emptying out. As a result, Mr. Richardson set a timer for a delay of 30-minutes, so the feed is controlled better and avoids his feed bins from emptying up a lot faster. This helps making sure there is a set schedule when feeding his cows and being done more efficiently without having to worry about his motor turning on too often.

This is just one of many great ways our products help our clients makie their lives easier. Regardless of where our clients are located, when you reach a TELE employee, we do our best to resolve your issues or concerns.

Learn more about our E1ZM10 and see how it can better your equipment the same way it helped Mr. Richardson. Feel also free to share your TELE story and application with us to receive your personal goodie-bag.