Founded in 1963, TELE has been the market leader for manufacturing and developing customized solutions for the industrial control panel industry. Products we manufacture consist of time relays, monitoring relays, alternating relays, and liquid level relays. For over five decades, specializing in the pump, motor, water, and wastewater industries has shown us how important it is for us to make our products as efficient and reliable as possible. We guarantee that we can match or exceed our competitor’s product and performance.

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Whether it is the optimization of the run time of two identical pumps for back up and availability purposes or simply a pump control task, our products make sure that your application can run at the most efficient level possible while extending its life span.

Examples include our E1ZMLA10 Pump Alternator and Duplexer Relay, which is a truly revolutionary product compared to the established 8- and 11- pin plug-in relays our competitors use. TELE’s E1ZMLA10 comes in a super slim IEC style enclosure and offers ON and OFF delay functionalities,  able to supply/control voltages from 24 to 240 V AC/DC.

One of our most famous Pump Controllers, V4LM4S30 offers two things that separates us from our competitors. Not only do we monitor your equipment, but we offer 10 -functions in which you can select from. We also enhanced the numbers of probes that can be connected to detect conductive liquids.

Overall, aside from its functionalities and enhanced probes, the V4LM4S30 comes in a space-saving IEC style footprint that allows maximum functionality with minimum space requirements. The adjustable sensitivity lets you expand your horizon to fresh and wastewater applications in every industry. Three integrated output relays activate your backup pumps, pump up/down units, or simply control an entire well unit.


Measuring motor power is a clever way to gain load feedback about machine and process performance. Our load and power monitoring relays check on the electrical power consumption via the real power and power factor values. TELE’s G4BM480V12ADTL20 offers a display with two independent output relays and works in 1- and 3-ph networks.

Additionally, up to 480V AC and current of 12A can be connected directly while you always have the chance to connect an external current transducer (CT). This product is ideal to look at the entire power range (via real power) of a pump and can detect under, over, and nominal load conditions. Power is linear and a change in load is a change in power (horsepower or kilowatts).

Another way to zoom into an under-load condition (e.g. dry-running or a slipping v-belt) can be the power factor (cosine phi) monitoring. Our G2CM400V10AL20 can be a great way to protect your equipment, especially in critical under load conditions. For a lightly loaded motor, the power factor can be close to zero. Both products offer a Sensorless solution that easily connects to every pump, fan, v-belt system, or conventional drive and can trigger alarms or disconnect over/under performing installations via the integrated monitoring relays.

You can think of this low power factor as electrical inefficiency. The current is flowing to the motor, but it is not doing useful work (Power). As the load increases, the power factor improves and is typically close to 1 for a fully loaded motor.


Learn more about our G4BM480V12ADTL20 and how it made an impact in our Virginia Waters with Hampton Roads Sanitation District. Simply click on the image above.


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Before you even connect a pump to the electrical circuit make sure that the sequence of three-phase wiring (A-B-C and L1-L2-L3) is properly executed. We have plenty of clients whose pumps and compressors got installed and once they started them up the units started running in the wrong direction.

To help prevent from this happening, our customers love to upgrade to our E1PF480Y/277VS01 Phase Loss Monitor. Our product makes sure that the wiring enforces correct rotation of your installation. Not only do we look at phase rotation, but we also make sure that all three phases are present (PHASE LOSS) and the voltage levels of every single phase are within a limit. Only when none of the conditions above is detected, a clean startup and sustainable operation of your drive can be detected.

In addition, to this basic and essential protection unit we also commonly refer to our SENS Series that can give an insight into more than 30 electrical parameters that are shared via an integrated Modbus RTU (RS485) interface. All without additional sensors and equipment necessary.

Feel free how to get in touch to see how we can save you a fortune when working with existing or new installations.

Discover more about TELE by watching our YouTube videos with our North American Sales Team. They are summarizing how our technology works and the basics about each product. We are excited to share with everyone who is unaware or is trying to learn more about TELE.

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