Time Delay Relay Setup.
Step by Step.

E1ZM10 12-240V AC/DC

Know before you go.

 This is our most common multifunctional time delay relays we are selling.

Coming with 7 integrated functions and adjustable timing from 0.05s – 100h we cover your industry’s most popular features in this compact housing.

Due to the Zoom power supply we are happy to deal with voltages from 12 – 240V AC/DC.



Installation and Wiring

All of our timers can be mounted on a standard DIN-rail that is commonly used in residential or industrial applications.
In case you would not like to go with the DIN-rail flow, we offer special mounting plates that let you snap our devices on any kind of surface.

Once your timer is in place, start wiring the time delay relay as shown in our datasheets. Make sure that our devices are installed by authorized and certified personnel only.

The integrated SPDT relay output provides sufficient switching capacity for common industrial solutions.



Choose your Function

In order to set up the time delay relay accordingly, make sure you know what kind of timing function your application requires.

Depending on your choice, just softly rotate the bottom dial with a common PZ1 screwdriver. The longest slot of the rotary knob indicates the current function selected.

Once the function is selected, remove the screwdriver and proceed to step 3.


An ON-DELAY function is required: Set the slot of the rotary knob to “E” where indicated.

SAFETY FEATURE: In case you wish to adjust the function, make sure you power off the device. In case you change functionality while the relay is on, the change of function will only go in effect once power is re-applied.





Choose your Time Range

Our multifunctional time delay relay allows you to adjust time ranges from seconds (s) to minutes (m) and hours (h).

The general time delays can be set from as low as 0.05s up to 100h.

In this step the time value is set to the preferred range with the rotary knob in the middle.


You would like to set your ON-DELAY to 6 hours (h). In this case set the rotary knob to “10h“.

Depending on your preferred value, you can switch between different timing ranges, like 1h, 10h or 100h in this example.




Set Time

In order to make final adjustments to your time settings, utilize the top rotary knob in order to select the time to be set within the time range you selected above.

This works like a percentage system, so in this step we take the time range that was selected in Step 3 and adjust it accordingly.


The ON-DELAY (Step 2) requires a time setting of 6 hours. In Step 3 the time range was set to ten (10) hours. 

Therefore, we need to place the slot of the rotary knob to 0.6 (10h*0.6=6h).

All set.

Once in operation, the time delay relay indicates several status conditions.

The status LEDs include:

  • Indication of supply voltage, green LED U/t is on
  • Indication of timing period, green LED U/t is flashing
  • Indication of relay output, orange LED ON or OFF

For further informations please check out the datasheet or consult your local sales representative.

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