How we help make a difference.

When it comes to applications, we know the importance of making sure your equipment is efficient and running smoothly. One of the biggest impacts we have made in an industry is, Industrial Bakery.

Industrial Bakery is a fundamental to our society from a cultural and economic point of view. This industry is important worldwide and we are thrilled to be part of it. Industrial Bakery is an art that needs the help to perfect its baked goods because who does not love their fresh bread and sweets to come out perfect.

So how does TELE fit into all this? We are the protection to making sure that this all happens. Our E1ZMQ10 24-240 AC/DC Timer Relay provides the protection and efficiency to the equipment that is producing the baking goods. TELE’s Timer Relay has one of the longest serving lives, no matter what harsh environment it is in. Not many products in the market can offer this unique assistance.

The four function Timer Relay for example, helps per-baked frozen breads to be finished in an oven before consumption. The Timing Relay can be safely operated in a hot environment and sustain a stable timing, regardless of the high temperatures. 

TELE’s Timer Relays are one of the best Timers in the world and are available to our partners and clients at any time. We wanted to share with you just how impactful our products can be and where we make a difference. Click on the buttons below. Learn how easy it is to set up our Timer Relays. Also, check out the Data sheet to our E1ZMQ10 24-240 AC/DC.