TELE Haase Steuergerate GmbH

TELE has been in the business since 1963 and we want to show you what it means to be part of our network.

We know trust goes a long way and that is why we created the “Simply Open” concept to help provide our clients and partners a virtual tour of where our products are made. We have no secrets within the company and that is the trust we want to show our clients and partners by giving them 24-hour access to our manufacturing site.

The virtual tour is available 24 hours a day and can be reached by anyone, whether it is a new or existing clients. We do this to gain the trust of our partners and clients to show that all our products are made with high quality and can be reliable.  This helps TELE stand out from the competition by us opening our doors to you.

We also have a program in which you can do the TELE tour in person!  We offer the “TELE Honeymoon” Factory Tour in Austria to our platinum clients and you can get more information here. (TELE Partners Program)

Click on the image below to take the tour.

Virtual 3d tour- TELE Haase

Location: Vorarlberger Allee 38 1230 Wien, Austria