When there are so many remote cabins in the world, the last thing owners need to worry about is the water flow of their cabins. There always needs to be a form of reliability. So how does one make sure that the water flow is controlled?

Well, let us break down how this would work and how our Asymmetric Flasher can help make sure the water flow is controlled in water wells.

How it all works

Monitoring water well’s is very important when it comes to making sure there are no overflow issues or the risk of pumps running dry. These two factors are the reason so many cabins run into issues when seasons change and aren’t monitored properly.

The solution to avoid these two major issues is by making sure the control panel is set up correctly and has the best products to monitor the water flow.

TELE Solution

The control panel is the key solution to making sure the two major factors we mentioned earlier avoid any critical damage to any of the cabins. The E1ZI10 12-240V AC/DC Asymmetric Flasher is one of the ways you avoid that.

Here’s an example:

When setting up the control panel to monitor the water well, the timer is enabled by a float switch in a well, the timer will start timing for the duration of the “OFF (t1)” time and when complete, the pump starts for the duration of the “ON (t2)” time. Both OFF and ON times are adjustable separately and individually.

This pattern repeats until the timer is disabled when the float switch is deactivated. The function that is used is called Ip…Asymmetric Flasher, Pause first.

Want to get more details?

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