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TELE recently started a YouTube channel to help explain our history along with our products. Our biggest priority is making sure we are providing enough information to our clients and partners about our products and services. We understand there are many products we offer and want to make sure we explain who we are, what our products do and what industry we impact.

Each session and video will highlight not only an explanation of who we are but also how to install and operate our products in your equipment.

April Sessions

Welcome to TELE Controls Inc.

TELE Training Session, Daniel Kroepfl of TELE Controls Inc. explains where the timer and monitoring relay manufacturer TELE was founded and what TELE focuses on. Part one of this comprehensive training allows you to get to know what TELE technology is capable of and what the TELE product portfolio of timers, monitoring relays, power meters, and all the product add-ons can do for you

Time Relays

In this newest TELE Training Session, Daniel Kroepfl of TELE Controls Inc. explains where timer relays are commonly used and introduces you to the most famous multi-functional timer relays TELE offers.

We also go in to detail on how to set up one of our products and explain the functions as well with simply using a screw driver.