Woodchuck Hard Cider has been reinvigorating American hard cider since 1991 and continues to lead the category through crafting innovative and refreshing hard ciders. They are located in Vermont and have been since the day they started brewing their own cider beer. Recently, they reached out with some questions about replacing a timer in their high-speed bottle filling system.

Application – High-Speed Bottle Filling Line

Being one of the best cider beer manufacturers in the market requires efficiency and reliability in their equipment. Our E1ZMQ10 24-240VAC/DC is one of the relays they can rely on when it comes to making sure their start-up and shutdown sequence in their cap hopper is efficient. These are the things that we care about and want to let our clients know that they can rely on us when ti comes to protecting their equiment.

There are two jobs that our timer helps with. The first sequence primes the crowner to ensure there is sufficient cap supply before production begins and the second is used when there is a need to empty the remaining caps from the hopper at shutdown or when changing to a different style or brand.

Our relays help create a peace of mind when it comes to turning on or turning off your equipment, especially when it is used for the pre-run prime sequence as well as the post-run emptying sequence. This helps avoid any error before and after.



Electrical timers is a big competitive market and there are always a lot of options but deciding which is best for you, is the biggest question. Our clients at Woodchuck Hard Cider let us know first hand what are some of the biggest advantages of our product compared to our competitors. This is what Trevor Humphrey their Electrical Technician had to say:

“Using these relays allows us to execute these simple sequences without having to allocate any additional memory space in the filler PLC and allows for timing adjustments by maintenance technicians on the production floor without the need for a computer.”

Key benefits:

  • Save PLC Memory Space
  • Setup without a computer or software